The Six Best Ways To Get The Most For Your Money During Retirement

| March 18, 2015

6 Best Ways To Get The Most For Your Money During RetirementLiving on a budget after retirement can take some time to get used to, especially for seniors who have spent money freely throughout their lives. Living on a budget doesn’t have to mean that elderly individuals can’t lead fun, fulfilling lives. With these tips, seniors can stretch their retirement income without having to make major sacrifices.


Developing a budget can be an important way for seniors to keep track of spending habits and bills and make a plan for how much money to allow themselves each week or month. A budget can change with unexpected costs, such as medical bills, but having a plan can allow seniors to avoid spending their savings in a few years. The general rule is to spend about 4 percent of retirement earnings each year. Budgeting can also allow seniors to keep track of their income taxes. They may have to cut out expenses, such as eating out or traveling regularly, but budgeting can allow elderly people to enjoy the same activities in moderation.


When their kids go off and start their own families, many seniors find that they don’t need a big house anymore. Taxes can become a big burden for seniors, even if they have paid off their family homes. Many elderly people decide to downsize to a smaller house or apartment and sell off or give their children some of their belongings when they get older to live more efficiently. They can often save on insurance and taxes and make money when they sell their home or some of their property.

Retirement Community

ID-100155210Retirement communities offer all-inclusive packages for seniors. In this type of community, the use of a pool and spa, transportation services and activities are free because they are included in the overall rental fee. This can open up many new options for seniors. The senior lifestyles at Sunshine Retirement suit the interests of many different people. From wellness classes to travel opportunities, there are many ways you can benefit from living in a retirement community. Many retirement communities offer assisted and independent living options and one or two-bedroom apartments and cottages.

Continuing Investments

Retirement doesn’t mean that seniors have to take everything out of their stocks, bonds and IRAs the same day they retire. They can gradually take money out of some of their investments while continuing to have their money work for them. In retirement, many retired individuals decide to diversify their portfolios to ensure their own and their children’s well-being for years to come.

“Retirement doesn’t mean that seniors have to take everything out of their stocks, bonds and IRAs the same day they retire.”

When removing money from retirement accounts such as IRAs and 401Ks, they should considered taxes. They should also think about the timing of withdrawals, as they don’t want to sell stocks when they are not doing well.


A number of establishments throughout the country offer special savings for seniors, but they generally have to be over 63 or 65 years old, depending on the place. Some local businesses have senior discounts for individuals in their 50’s. The places that they live can also have an impact on prices, as discounts in larger cities will usually cost more than in smaller towns.

Family Time

One of the cheapest and most fulfilling ways to spend time for seniors, visiting their children, grandchildren, brothers and sisters and other relatives can allow them to share great memories with family without having to spend a lot of money. Retired individuals living in different cities or states than their family members may want to consider moving closer to them to save money on travel costs.


To “stretch a dollar,” seniors have to learn to be financially savvy. Finding out about programs for seniors, such as Medicare, beforehand can allow seniors to experience less stress when they retire. These tips will help to keep costs low so you can enjoy retirement to the fullest.

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  1. Arranging finance for your life after retirement must be your first priority earlier in life. Of course your savings matter the most. Retirement without an investment plan could be very miserable for the retiree.