Eager Employees: 5 Ways to Increase Employee Morale

| August 16, 2017

As an employer, it’s in your best interest to keep your employees happy. Not only will it benefit you to have a workforce that knows their efforts are being noticed and appreciated, but it’s also just the right thing to do. Here are five ways to increase employee morale.

Make the workplace comfortable

People are going to feel good emotionally if they feel good physically. If your workplace is uncomfortable to be in, then it’ll be difficult for your employees to stay motivated and happy. One of the best ways to fight this is through climate control.

Utilize things like smart thermostats to ensure that your building is heated and cool to comfortable levels. You can also consider things like more comfortable desk chairs and less intrusive lighting. Working with professionals like Doctor Fix-It if your AC ever does break down is a good way to ensure that it’s back up and running as soon as possible.

Take suggestions

The changes needed to improve morale won’t always be obvious to you. Sometimes, it’ll take some initiative to learn what you could do to make your employees happier. An anonymous system, such as a suggestion box or email system, could do wonders.

Give meaningful compliments

You might think that just telling your employees they’re doing a great job would be enough to make morale high, but superlatives aren’t worth anything if they don’t appear sincere.

Take the time to commend your employees for their accomplishments, but make sure that by doing so, you’re being as honest as possible. You should definitely speak up if you’ve noticed them improving in an area they used to struggle in.

Organize fun events

Working together can foster strong bonds between people. One of the best ways to further these bonds are through out-of-office activities. Organize a night out at a local bar, bowling or an employee picnic on a nice summer day.

You can make your employees feel even better about their workplace and grow closer to each other in the process.

Show your work ethic

Employees are bound to feel higher morale if their boss demonstrates how much he cares. Don’t just delegate tasks while doing nothing yourself. Put in time and energy every day. If you do, your employees will realize how much you care, which should boost their motivation as well.

Increasing morale shouldn’t be done with a cynical attitude. Instead, you utilize as much positive energy as you possibly can to ensure that your employees are proud to work for you and come to work every day with a positive attitude.


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