5 Problems Your B2B Website Should Avoid

| November 23, 2017

B2B WebsiteIt’s important for a B2B company to have a professional website. Other companies are really looking for an investment, and are unlikely to take chances with a product or service that doesn’t inspire confidence. Your web design is critical to self-promotion. Here are some website mistakes to avoid.

Lacking a Value Proposition

A unique, appealing design helps your firm stand out and build brand recognition. But engaging visitors is only the beginning. You also need a unique value proposition that helps to convince prospects to become purchasers.

Simply providing information can leave visitors uninspired or even confused. Be sure to explain why clients should buy from you and not some other company.

Poor Navigation

You won’t be able to make sales if visitors aren’t sure where to look for information, or what to do next. Make it obvious and easy by building clear, intuitive navigation into your sites.

Menus should be easy to locate and follow. Limit your subcategories so that people can find what they want with just a few clicks. Tell or suggest to them what to do next. Buttons and links should state clearly what they do and where they lead. If a user gets frustrated, you’ve lost a sale.

Not Legible

Even perfect sales copy is useless if people can’t read it. Odd or decorative fonts make text difficult to read, as well as tight spacing, thin characters, or text that’s too large or too small.

Excessive links, underlined, or bold text can also be off-putting. The right color scheme is also a big factor. Light text is harder to read, even on a black background. On a light background, it’s just annoying. Strange color schemes and text formats will only make your site seem amateurish.

Information Is Hidden

Your layout should allow visitors to focus on what they need to know. Multiple, persistent, or screen-dominating pop-ups will only cover up information and cause frustration.

A clutter of graphics and animations will also be distracting. Break up your text with headers and bulleted lists so visitors can scan your pages quickly to find what interests them. Be sure that on every page your contact information is clearly displayed, and end with a call-to-action.

No Risk Management

You’ll know from experience that not every company is completely reliable when it comes to paying for the items or services they want. You should have the functionality built into your website to integrate or coordinate with credit analysis services like CreditRiskMonitor.

Based on a potential client’s credit rating, you’ll know what payment terms or conditions to offer, or whether to simply reject the order.

If you can avoid these basic mistakes in your website design, you’ll be able to both reach a higher conversion rate and mitigate your risks.

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