Some Workable Marketing and Finance Strategies for Small Businesses

| December 19, 2017


Effective management of finance and marketing is the backbone of success in any business. It is crucial for the entrepreneurs to have a good grip on these to run their business better. However, at the initial stages, many of the small business owners tend to make many mistakes in these aspects, which adversely affect. So, here in this article, we will discuss some quick small business marketing and finance tips to ensure a smooth run.

Small business marketing

While you try to build a business, the essential thing to know is how to establish a loyal customer base. Running successful marketing and promotional campaigns is the key to success, but most of the times, it is not all about merely spending thousands of dollars for marketing, but to it more efficiently by first identifying the proper channels, target group demographics, and successfully planning the campaigns.

  • Preparing flyers and brochures

It is one way of doing cheap advertising. You can focus on a particular area where you want to establish your business and distribute well-designed and flyers and information brochures to all the mailboxes you can reach. Make the flyers brief by highlighting the services you provide along with contact info. Going a step ahead, offering a coupon or a lucky draw also doesn’t hurt.

  • Value Addition

Value addition is one of the mightiest selling points for any variety of products and services offered. Superficially, value additions maybe something like giving coupons and other free takeaways, but at the core, it is focused on ensuring customer satisfaction and going beyond the offerings of the competitors. Primary value additions include:

  • Guarantees
  • Conditional discounts on repeat purchases
  • Redeemable reward points
  • Privilege cards
  • Referral rewards


  • Building a strong referral network

Referrals do not just mean the customer referrals, but those too which can be encouraged through online and other rewards. There are concepts to like B2B (business to business referrals) and vendor referrals etc. It will be undoubtedly beneficial if someone is out there on your behalf telling like “we do not offer this stuff here, but the X store down the street offers it.”

When it comes to offering professional consulting services, this referral network is much stronger. An accountant refers someone to a lawyer, and a real estate agent refers to a financial planner.

Above all these, the internet has now become the most prominent resource for business marketing. It is not just about maintaining a  well-designed website, but you can also try promoting your brand and business through various channels as SEO, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, e-mail marketing, content marketing and more.

An interim note on debt management

There are many ways for effective debt relief for business owners to consider. There is every possibility that debts may get accumulated overtime if not appropriately managed and ultimately end up in a total collapse of the entire business. Agencies like can offer real-time practical solutions for debt management, which makes it easier for the small business owners to get rid of debts in a much efficient and practical way.

Small business financing

There are a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs who have great ideas about their business, but lack in capital to try it out. Bank loans are bit complicated and often turned down even for the established ones. In fact, there are funds available from more reliable and competitive sources which you need to explore. Let’s explore a few such options available.

  • Online money lending

As everything, online lending is also prevalent now, which is a much easier digitalized version of money lending, proving out to be an effective alternative to traditional loans. The primary advantage of it is increased speed, fewer complications to get sanctioned, and easy repayments.

  • Venture capitals

Venture capitalists offer money to encourage new startups, which they consider to have a potential for growth. You can approach venture capitalists, and angel investors with a bright business idea presented convincingly to avail this fund advance, usually with very lenient terms associated with it. Fast-growing businesses with a proper exit strategy may gain millions of dollars which they used to invest in venture capitals to network and grow their company.

  • Invoice advance and factoring

In this process, a lender (online or offline) offers money upfront against the invoices you have raised to your clients against the products or services already provided. You need to just pay it back with a nominal service charge once the payees honor the invoices. Going a step ahead, some of the factoring firms also assist in invoice follow-ups and debt collection services. With this, you always have the working capital in hand, which can be invested further for growth.

Once if you gain a good grip on marketing and finances, things become much easier in terms of execution of business tasks and planning for a steady step-by-step growth. However, it needs to be done with proper insight and adequate support to avoid adverse outcomes.

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Simon Morris is an experienced and skilled Business consultant and Financial advisor in the USA.  He helps clients both personal and professional in long-term wealth building plans. During his spare time he loves to write on Business, Finance, Marketing, Social Media. He loves to share his knowledge and Experts tips with his readers.

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