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| December 7, 2017


Being an independent trader is one of the many ways in today’s world to earn a bit (or a lot) of extra income without leaving the comfort of your own home. That’s why today I would like to discuss Ubanker, a trading platform that’s specially designed for beginner and independent traders on the Forex market.

But let’s cover a few bases first. Forex brokers are those people who buy or sell a wide array of assets in order to get a commission. As everything else in the modern world, the trade has expanded and brokers have been able to trade in many different fields like commodities, insurance, equities and even real estate markets.

Forex Broker Firms

Forex broker firms are those companies that work as intermediaries to allow the users to have access to the Interbank market; this market is a network of banks and electronic brokering platforms that trade with each other. These firms also offer their users facilities of Forex trading through a platform that allows the users to buy and sell foreign currencies. So, it’s fair to say that choosing a broker firm is the most important decision you’ll make as a trader.

By making the right choice you enhance your chances and your confidence in the trading business. That’s why you need a broker firm that you can understand, that you can trust, and that provides everything you need to make the best investments you can possibly make. The job of a Forex broker is to connect traders to the market and to provide quotes for buy and sell transactions. This is where Ubanker comes in!

Even if Ubanker is designed with a specific demographic in mind, the fact is that Ubanker is a responsive, trustworthy and simple platform which makes it perfect for traders of all skill levels and walks of life. Its main characteristic is that it’s user-friendly and it makes the trading experience run a lot smoother by providing all of the financial tools that you might need to both understand the complex Forex market and make sound and smart investments.

Ubanker In A Nutshell


Ubanker is a regulated broker; that means that it’s licensed and it operates within the limits of the laws set by governmental regulatory bodies. This provides the users with protection against possible frauds, so registered brokers have more integrity and they can be more trustworthy. They certainly have the ability to provide you with the security you need to make assertive decisions without having to worry about being scammed.

You need to make sure that your broker is authentic because the truth is that you can find many shady companies in the market that just want to cheat your money out of your hands. It is essential for you to know what makes Ubanker a good brokering firm so you can successfully be a part of Forex trading and earn some extra money as you gather more and more knowledge.

You might be surprised to know that Ubanker is a very young firm that has already gained a good reputation all around the world because of its performance and its user-friendly features as well as its speed, resources, and customer service. They provide a healthy environment for trading activities and they provide security in every possible aspect for their users to be confident of their movements. The firm has actually earned the eTrust stamp of protections because it takes data protection very seriously.

Forex Trading Platforms

When it comes to the platform, Ubanker offers their clients Meta Trader 4 and also a platform for mobile devices called Mobile Profit which is known to stand out from the rest thanks to its speed and reliability. The platform allows asset ownership and more than 35 foreign currency pairs, CFDS, goods, indicators and stocks so that clients can trade.

As an Ubanker user you will have access to the Forex academy which provides real-time learning systems for traders to learn how to stay ahead of strategies and it allows users to be aware of each and every step they should take when they face odds. The platform also offers information and tools that allow users to stay ahead of the market and have insight that they can trust to steer their decision-making process.

All in all, if you’re taking your first steps into Forex trading, Ubanker might just be the best firm for you to learn more and more and also to earn that bit of extra income you’re looking for. Start your demo account and take an in-depth look into Ubanker on your own!


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