Finance 101: Simple Things You Can Do To Make Quick Money

| May 30, 2014

financial-planning-articlesMaking quick money in today’s day seems to be more difficult. Unforgiving economic conditions have made expenses more unbearable, especially for minimum wage earners. Cost of living continues to rise while average income remains stagnant. People retire much later than they should be able to and have a smaller retirement nest to settle in. Nonetheless, doing simple things can generate quick money and can accumulate into substantial savings for the long haul.


If you travel to work by car, perhaps getting some people to carpool with you and share the cost of gas can save you several bucks. Make sure the people you ask are within your workplace, otherwise distant drop-off sites become counterproductive and will cost you more. Also, make sure you trust the people who you ask to carpool with you. You could also consider how much you will save by using public transportation if carpooling is not an option for you.


Value investing, a style prominently used by Warren Buffet, is simpler than one thinks. Investing in common stocks that have good company stature, steady dividend yields, and strong market presence can reel in tremendous profits for those who can repeatedly pull it off. People who desire daily returns can focus on faster-paced markets like penny stocks, currencies and commodities.

Unused Jewelry

Selling your unused jewelry to a pawn shop is another way to make quick money. This is a common practice, particularly during unforeseen emergencies, says professionals at a pawn shop in northern VA. Secondhand jewelry in good condition can also be pawned or sold but at lower prices. Get a free appraisal beforehand so you don’t get low-balled for your genuine jewelry.

Sell Blood

If you do not have underlying diseases nor any religious beliefs that could deter you from this, donating blood or plasma for cash is always open for discussion. While it’s a few dollars for a bit of pain and discomfort, it can give you quick money on rainy days. Donating plasma is a common practice done by many college students, since you can donate more than once and earn more money depending on how often you donate.

Garage Sale

If you have some items like clothes, toys, furniture or electronics you don’t use, try selling them garage sale-style. It’s cost-effective and can produce quick profits. The amount of money you make depends greatly on the items you have in store.

Bake Sale

People with talent for baking can prepare some homemade pastries and other sweet goodies and sell them. Careful planning is needed to maximize profits and minimize expenses. You don’t want to work all day long and come up with a negative on your balance sheet. Talk with your neighbors and other parents at your kids’ school to find out where you should focus your efforts.

These are only a few of the many money-making ideas you can do. Try to do something you are also interested in and passionate about so you enjoy the activity while also making some cash off of it. Be sure to reevaluate your budget when needed as well so you don’t find yourself unable to pay bills.


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