Cutting Costs: 4 Ways to Reduce Your Monthly Expenses

| January 19, 2018

Monthly Expenses

Everyone is always looking to save more money. For younger people who may not have a lot of disposable income, reducing monthly expenses can feel like a weight lifted off your shoulders. It is also a good idea to put as much money as you can away for unplanned costs. Consider these four ways to reduce your monthly living expenses.

Move Somewhere Cheaper

This is a more drastic option, but it should be a possibility if rent is particularly high and you’re having a hard time keeping up. If you live in a city, strongly consider renting or buying property farther out where the cost of living will be far less.

Of course, you need to compare your savings in rent to how much that will increase your gas cost and commute times.

It may be that your savings won’t be high enough to justify the switch. If you are moving to an apartment you can safely forgo hiring a real estate agent to save even more money, because apartment hunting is relatively simple to do on your own.

It is now easier than ever to compare rent prices in different areas online, so take advantage of that.

Switch Providers

Switching providers on a number of services can be an excellent way to reduce your monthly expenses. Cell phone bills, especially if you have a smartphone, can take a significant bite out of your monthly budget.

Finding a different mobile phone provider that offers you better or fewer services that you don’t need should be something you look into. For example, another company like Flash Wireless or a different provider might offer unlimited data at a better rate.

This applies to other services as well, such as insurance. It never hurts to shop around and see if you can get a better rate on your insurance costs from different carriers.

Cancel Memberships

Recurring membership fees of any kind can be cut out of your budget, especially if they are not actually saving you money or you are not getting the full value of them. For example, you may have multiple streaming services in your household.

A way to save money is to buy just one, watch everything you want on it, and then cancel and hop to another one the following month.

This prevents you from wasting money on services you are not getting the full advantage of while still allowing you to watch all your favorite shows. Gym memberships or club store memberships that you don’t use should be canceled.

Cutting back to basics will save you more money monthly than you could possibly imagine.

Go out to Eat Less Often

Going out to eat is convenient, but the expense does add up quickly. It is significantly cheaper to cook your own meals at home.

Cooking is an important life skill to learn, and cooking your own meals will usually be healthier for you than eating out as well.

If you like to go out with friends, you can eat beforehand and just order a drink, or cut back and order an appetizer rather than a full meal.

Pack your own lunch for work rather than going out to grab something. You can still go out with co-workers occasionally, but work on cutting back and declining some of the time when they ask. Your monthly budget will thank you.

Use these tricks to cut down on your monthly expenses. Doing so will free up more money to put into savings or spend on other things you need.

This will make it easier to finally buy a home, start saving for retirement and achieve the greater financial stability you desire.

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  1. Good post! You’re absolutely right about ‘Going out to eat’. It affects more on saving. First of all, know where your every dollar is going with the help of free budgeting tools and apps. After that one will get several ways to cut their cost with your own will.

  2. admin says:

    I am all about reducing monthly expenses. It’s a necessity to a successful retirement