4 Ways Going Green Can Actually Save You Money Over Time

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When you decide to go green, you save money consuming energy, buying food, driving, and changing your shopping habits. These simple changes contribute to healthy green living and reduce the amount you spend.

Saving Energy in Your Home

When you install a programmable thermostat you will save 10% a year on heating and cooling. Set it to a lower temperature when you’re sleeping or not at home. In the warmer weather, cool only the rooms you use.

Replace your light bulbs with Energy Star or CFL bulbs. These bulbs last longer and use 75% less energy. Turn off lights when not in use.

Install energy efficient bathroom fixtures. Low flow toilets, faucets, and shower heads use less water. The Water Sense Label is certified to be 20& more efficient. These fixtures can save you about $100 yearly.

Buy Energy Star appliances to save money on water. There dishwashers, washers and other appliances use less water. You may also want to consider investing in solar electricity, like that from Solar Source, as that will definitely help you to go green and save money in the long run.

Ways to Go Green with Food

Buy food from local vendors. Seasonal produce is less expensive. Buying locally supports local farmers and the economy. Purchase from local farmers markets and food cooperatives.

They have wholesale prices and promote collective buying. Cut down on buying meat, add one vegetarian dish to your menu weekly.

When shopping at your local supermarket buy store brands. These brands are less expensive and good quality. Prepare your own meals. Try to eat less frozen and canned foods.

Look for grass fed meats and poultry. Bring your own bags when shopping.

Saving on Daily Transportation

Change your driving habits to save money on gas consumption. Driving slower saves you hundreds of dollars yearly according to Drive 55. Combine your shopping trips with running errands.

Make sure your tire have the right amount of air. You will burn more fuel when tire are not inflated properly. Accelerate slowly and pump brakes when coming to a stop.

Join a carpool to get to and from work. Take a bus, train, or subway to work. When you own a car drive less and use public transportation. Walk or ride a bike when you live close to work. Don’t drive short distances and work from home when possible.

Change Your Buying Patterns

Buy used items from consignment shops and thrift stores. Look for merchandise in good condition. Give away items to family and friends that you don’t need or use.

Donate good quality clothing, or household items to charitable organizations. Live in a smaller home or apartment. It uses less energy and space.

Buy less and stick to basic necessities. Do you need two crock-pots, five TV’s and 50 pair of shoes? Get rid of what you don’t use and use only what your love.

Use coupons when shopping and look for sales. Research products before buying, focusing on good quality.

Going green saves you money over time and improves your home environment. Start slow and make changes gradually. Why not start today with one environmental friendly change!

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