3 Reasons Pursuing a Personal Injury Case Isn’t Greedy

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Personal InjuryWhen you think about filing a personal injury lawsuit, you may think about stories about frivolous lawsuits filed by greedy individuals. While it is true that some lawsuits are frivolous and are filed by individuals looking to make a small fortune at someone else’s expense, the other side of this coin is that there are many legitimate personal injury cases filed each year. These are some of the reasons why a personal injury lawsuit should not be considered greedy.

The Impact on Your Current Financial State

If you are thinking about filing a personal injury lawsuit, your finances likely have taken a hit in different ways. A personal injury lawsuit may be related to a dog bite incident, a workplace injury, a car accident or a wide range of other events.

These and other events may result in medical bills, property damage, time that you needed to take off of work and related loss of income and many other factors.

In fact, the impact of the event on your current financial state may easily tally into the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars or more.

The Potential Impact on Your Future Life

While your life may have already been affected by the event, there is a strong possibly that your life may continue to be affected by the event in the months and years to come.

For example, you may have ongoing medical costs, or you may no longer be able to work in your field. These and other factors have financial impacts as well. You may realize that your entire life and future plans have shifted because of the event.

This is why it’s important to consult with legal professionals like Bellotti Law Group, P.C. before you make any decisions.

The Factor of Negligent or Intentional Actions

There are times when bad things simply happen and nobody is to blame. After all, accidents happen to people from time to time. However, some incidents are caused by the negligence of others or even by their intentional actions.

These are accidents and mishaps that could have been prevented. The individual who may be on the other side of your potential personal injury lawsuit could have acted differently, and the event may have never happened.

This type of event was not an accident beyond anyone’s control.

If you have been affected by someone else’s actions, you can explore your rights through a consultation with a personal injury lawyer.

A personal injury lawsuit is not frivolous if it is justified, and you can help to get your life back on track after a disastrous event through a lawsuit.

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