Why you Should Witness Real Forex Trader Interview

| September 5, 2017
Forex trader interview

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If you are not living on another planet or outside of earth, you must have heard the name of Foreign Exchange market. This market is commonly called as Forex market.

Every day new traders are knowing about this market and they are very much interested in investment in this sector. There are many chances and risks, but still, traders are coming at large. If you have done some homework about this market, you will see that these markets have a very low rate of success.

The rate is actually very low and out of 100 traders, only 5 traders are successful. It is no wonder that financial magazine and newspaper will always try to get an interview of those master traders in this risky market.

This is where our article will begin to advance as many traders think reading these interviews are nothing but a waste of time. These traders are only giving wrong information deliberately to the other traders out there to make money.

This can be true to some extent as no traders willingly tell their secret to other traders. You have to learn it from yourself. But what we want to say is reading these interviews can really help you in your planning, developing strategy and analyzing the market and find out your common mistakes in the market.

How can interviews help?

If traders are to give such false information in an interview, we can tell with our eyes closed that no papers will ever take their interviews again. If you read their interview to the last, you will see that these interviews are mostly done by experienced market analysts of Forex industry.

It is not easy to make up information and give them when you have someone from your own sector. Success in the exchange traded funds community requires an extreme level of hard work and patience.

You will never find a single trader who has been making a profit from the starting of their trading career. Trading is nothing like doing your business. You need to have a strategy to run your own business.

Sometimes you will often have to deal with losing trades and for this, you need to have a backup plan. All the professional traders at Saxo always trade the financial instrument with solid money management.

They know that losing is inevitable in trading. So if you aim for high-risk reward trade then you can easily survive this industry even after losing more trades.

Learn from professional trader’s interview

Reading Forex master’s interviews can help you in many ways. Firstly, they will open your eyes. You do not know even a small part of the market. They can tell where the beginners make the most mistakes.

Also, they give some valuable advice to the other traders. This advice is honest and is given from the experience of their lifetime. If you can follow and use this advice in your career, you will see that your career is turning from average to the best. Also, they can connect you with many external resources which will help you to further answer your questions and expand your knowledge.

These interviews are very much informative and you will certainly be benefitted. You might be reading many different books and articles but a single information from the professional traders can really change your life. Learning has no definite source and you need to have the strong urge in you so that you can easily overcome all the obstacles in your learning stage.

Summary: Trading is all about probability. You will never know which trade will hit the potential stop loss and which will give you huge amount profit.

You need to be always careful and trade the market with discipline. Use simple but effective trading system to trade the market. Last but not the least always do your technical analysis in the higher time frame just like professional traders.

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