Top Notch Online Marketing Trends for 2013

| May 5, 2013

2013MarketingThe internet is evolving at a rapid pace which is good news as well as a bad one for those who utilize internet for promoting their business. Good news because of course new trends and techniques are coming up offering more platforms for you to promote your content. On the other hand this rapid pace is bad because you might hugely invest in one form of internet marketing and chances are it might not be as famous tomorrow as it was today and all your investment goes down the drain. This is why most marketers don’t go for internet promotion thinking that it is just a fad which will soon pass away. However, there are some simple marketing trends which you can follow without much of investment and make the most of 2013’s technology.


If you are not already using mobile marketing to promote your business then it’s time that you start thinking about it. In fact don’t waste time thinking; it’s time you actually do it. Between PC users and Magazine readers there lies a huge population of mobile users who do not use any other medium to get access to information. So build up a website to be used on mobile, a web app for mobile or start flashing advertisements by buying mobile marketing channels.


Nowadays you cannot predict which medium the user will use to get access to your product information. They might see it on T.V and then use their tablets or laptops to access full details. Or they might see it form their laptop and make a purchase through their Smartphone. Thus platforms are various which makes is very important that you integrated all such medium to deliver the best! So integrate television marketing, mobile marketing and internet marketing to leverage their power in 2013 and make them stronger.

Social Media Marketing

If anyone says that social marketing is a waste of money and time then just smile politely and ignore the statement. Facebook has turned out to provide the biggest platform for social marketing. People from all across the world are promoting their businesses through it. Social media is not limited to Facebook only but other sites like Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and the likes are coming up ever wondered why; because social media marketing has become a must for survival of any business in the world today.

Retarget your Customers

Why forget about a potential customer once they leave your website. 2013 is solely operating on the principle of retaining customers. Earlier firms only thought about attracting new customers but today retaining old ones have become even more important. If you retain your potential customers it is very likely that they will make a purchase again and if not they will for sure spread some good stuff about how good it was doing business with you. So send a flash message to your customers whenever they use internet or send personalized emails to them which is simple and easy to do.

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