Top 7 Essential Qualities That Make A Great Leader

| April 12, 2017

qualities that make a great leaderIt is rightly said that being a leader is not easy. While a leader’s decisions and actions are always examined closely, it is their leadership qualities that are clearly evident through the tough times.

It is these qualities that the employees have a great deal of respect and work hard for. This is the reason, for every leader, it is important they work hard in order to have great leadership qualities.

The best leaders tend to exhibit certain qualities that make them immensely successful. Allow me to discuss top 7 key qualities that make a great leader.


A great leader is always clear about his/her vision and what needs to be accomplished. This offers a better opportunity for others to understand their goals and whether or not they will lend a helping hand to support their cause.

Usually, not many people are aware of exactly what they want, much less how to get there, therefore they are drawn towards all those who are clear in their mind – it is said good clarity leads to great achievement.


Once they are clear in their mind, they will not hesitate in committing. They will exhibit some great consistency in their decision-making process and they rarely back out or change their minds, unless it necessary.

Having a decisive nature shows real commitment, a major quality in a great leader.


While confidence is one of the important attributes of a great leader, having a humble character will surely help in creating a lovable persona. Great leaders never hesitate to admit when they are wrong and take criticism as an opportunity for growth.

leadershipThey show the world to be grateful of all that they have achieved. This, in turn, will show how much they are actually entitled to the role of a leader.


It is always inspirational to see someone who really loves what they do. The best leaders will also show endless energy and passion what they love doing best.

They never feel embarrassed or shy about what they love the most or their passion, no matter what it is they will b leading, whether it is playing soccer or content writing.

As long as they have trust in what they do and believe in themselves, it will surely shine through and people will follow.


Boldness is something that can be developed or that is gifted. Although there are some people who are born fearless, practising how to be fearless or at least pretend to be are totally a achievable task.

Many have successfully achieved in order to be an amazing leader. They follow what they believe in and put their best efforts in achieving their goals when everyone tells them they have gone berserk.


A great leader always shares conflicts, expectations, information, and advice to help the team working on the right projects with right & positive attitude.

When required, the leader also explains the reasons behind the requirements and the decisions. Even when they are not able to suggest a solution for any issue, they ensure they have kept the lines of communication open.

Saying “You don’t know the reply” won’t hurt, but they make sure they are able to find the solution somehow.

As a leader, it is also important they have expressed expectations to their team, if they don’t, their team will fall short and it is the leader who will be held responsible for it.

Communication does help in balancing out the things. Yes, they may have a particular need or want, but treating work as a collaboration is also substantial.

Recognise The Performers

One of the best ways to reward and keep the best performers motivated is to give recognition. Yes, offering money is great, but at times people are just looking to be appreciated for their expertise and their efforts. Words of appreciation are more valued by the employees than cash.

A good leader will always make the performers valued. They will surely give credit where it is due. The best benefit is that it helps in building a strong bond between the leader and the team. It also proves helpful to know their colleagues to understand what motivates them.

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