Searching for Cents: 4 Unusual Ways to Make Money

| August 4, 2017

Make MoneyNo one likes to be strapped for cash, but more and more people are dealing with this problem nowadays. It is okay as long as you figure out a way to get some extra cash doing little odd jobs, but the problem is finding one that would work.

The following are four unusual ways to make some quick cash that you might not have thought about.

Extra Chores in Your Neighborhood

You can talk to the people around your neighborhood, and see if anyone needs anything done. Offer services such as walking a dog or cleaning up after pets.

You can also offer lawn work, or maybe you are a skilled woodworker who can fix problems or even make furniture. People do not like to work much, and you can use that to your advantage.

Clinical Trial Participant

It might not be your first choice, but you can make some cash by participating in clinical trials. These trials usually involve medicine though they could involve makeup or other products that need human testing.

Usually, the item being tested has already been analyzed, so the likelihood of having a negative reaction is low if you are worried about that. Still, there is a risk involved, so weigh the risk against your need for cash to figure out if this is a good idea.

Sell Scrap Metal

Yes, recycling can bring you some quick cash, and it is not that hard to do it. All you have to do is find materials that pay well at recycling centers. Paper works, but you should also consider selling scrap metal.

Sure, it may be a little hard to collect, but it pays well and should give you a sizable return that you can use. Check out companies like Big Daddy Scrap or similar companies to decide if this venture is worth your time.

Farm Work

Most people do not think about farm work when they are looking to make some extra cash, but it is a good way to make some money. Being a farm hand does take a lot out of you, but the money will be helpful for emergencies.

The jobs are not usually permanent, so it is a good way to make some quick cash without really committing to it. Of course, this only works for those who live in areas where there are farms nearby, so do your research.

Hopefully, these tips help you make some extra cash, but start to consider supplementing your income so that this does not happen again. Consider shared-economy gigs like ride-sharing applications where you give rides to others, or try investing your money.

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