Saving on DIY Pest Control All Year Long

| April 17, 2017

Whether you live in the middle of a city, or out in the mountains, household pests affect us all. The most common insects and critters will depend on the region in which you live.

However, no matter the situation, there are some general tips that are true across the board. In order to save money on the cost of extermination, or prevent costly damage, there are some preventive measures you should take.

Pests can get into your home and cause damage during any part of the year, but the threats are certainly different, depending on what season it is. For this reason, the methods that we should use to prevent and get rid of pests can change from season to season, as well.

While these parts of nature can be beautiful in their own right, they are not things that we want in our home or destroying our property. To help prevent pests year-round, here is a short guide to pest control for all seasons…


During spring, as the snow is melting and the flowers are blooming, so too are insects and spiders starting to hatch and awake for the new year. This means that we can expect to start seeing six and eight-legged pests roaming our home’s before too long.

To prevent this, a thorough spring cleaning to get rid of old things can help reorganize your home and help you find potential eggs for the creepy-crawlies. Basements and storage rooms are particular favorites for spiders, especially if there are cardboard boxes.

Kitchens and bathrooms can also be distinct targets for certain types of pests, such as cockroaches and silverfish, which love moist areas, and tend to arrive in the spring.

A small nest of either of these pests can cause extreme damage to walls, floor, and furniture. To prevent this, check for leaks or areas where water is seeping through a cabinet, which are areas where silverfish and cockroaches thrive.


Summer is when rodents like voles, mice, rats, and gophers like to roam. The good news, though, is that they are more likely to stay outside during the warmer months.

diy pest controlHowever, for rodents that like to burrow, such as voles and gophers, this is the perfect time of year for them to do so.

A couple of voles can ruin a perfect lawn in a matter of days, and are especially fond of burrowing in gardens of flowers and vegetables, where the soil is softer and they have an increased chance of finding food.

A small animal, like a cat or dog, can help stop voles from finding a home in your yard. If you don’t have a tiny furry bodyguard, though, simply keep a vigilant eye for any random holes that show up in your yard.


Now that the weather is starting to cool down, insects and spiders are going to actively look for indoor places to lay eggs and prepare for the colder season.

For them, your home is probably as good a place as any to build a home for their new family of a few thousand kids. However, odds are that you probably aren’t too excited about this.

To prevent this from happening in the fall, go through your home and seal cracks and other crevices, and keep your windows shut as often as you can, especially if your screen isn’t very efficient at keeping out insects.

Doing this won’t just keep your home pest free during the fall, but also helps through the winter and spring, as well.


When the snow starts to fall and the holidays pick up, pests are probably the last things on our minds. The good news is that most insects and spiders are either dead or hibernating.

The bad news is that they are probably doing this in your home, but there’s no way to know until spring. However, the type of pest that you really need to look out for during winter is mice.

Mice need a warm place to spend the winter, and frequently find refuge in people’s homes, where there are basements and food pantries.

In order to prevent this, make sure to not leave food lying around and keep your home secure and weather-proof. For more information about winter mice infestations, check out this nifty guide here.



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