Questions To Ask Before Choosing The Best Financing For Your Business

| August 5, 2017

Financing For Your BusinessWhen it comes to business prospects, you have learnt a lot about debt financing and equity financing. Which one is the best to choose as each one comes with pros and cons. Sometimes, it becomes really difficult to choose the best option between debt and equity financing for your business.

Financing For Your Business

If you are facing any such problem, then these five questions might help you to resolve your query well. How soon are you looking for financing? For emergency scenario, debt financing is the ultimate choice to work on.

You will receive business loan fast within hours. For that, you need to work with right lenders. On the other hand, equity financing needs right investors, business pitching and drawing legal documents, which might take some time.

Amount of Money You Need

How much money do you need, for your business to grow? In case, you are looking for a small amount, then debt financing can always prove to be a better choice.

Equity financing can rarely come in small amounts. However, you can get smaller business loan from this segment as $10,000 or even less. There are certain times when you are looking for early stage investors, willing to spend $300,000 or more. They will do that in return for 50% equity.

Other Variations You Want

Financing For Your BusinessAre you looking for only money or anything else other than that? In case you want something, more than equity is probably the best choice for you. Debt financing, on the other hand, is a bit transactional. You have to borrow money and then pay it back with interest at the end.

Equity will help you to explore the knowledge, expertise and contact of investor. You can even establish a positive relationship, which can affect business hugely. However, for that, you need to collaborate with right people. If you want more cash in account then you should not involve much with investors.

What About Sharing Your Business

There are some entrepreneurs who prefer keeping business only to themselves. If you don’t have that feeling of losing control over your brainchild, then equity financing is not a suitable option for you.

Equity financing, on the other hand is like sharing your business with partner and work with them for proper financing and control of your business. If you are planning to welcome expertise and experience of investor, or you are just concerned with the funds and not on ownership, then any of these paths might work for you.

Big As You Want to Be

Venture capitalists and angel investors are always in lookout for companies with the potential to grow into global business or national brands. There are some other entrepreneurs, who are planning to run local business and stay small as they like autonomy, individuality and even community aspect. If you ever get the chance to fit that mold, then equity is not that of a great option for you. Finding the right financing is quite a tough call, but not impossible.

There is no doubt that every business has to clear off various bills in order to keep the work going. Many times it is seen that people struggle to pay off the bills and ultimately affect their business. Bill consolidation loans can be a good option to check out and go with in such situations. It is effective and can bring your business back to track again.


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