Investing in Your Kitchen

| May 5, 2017


Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s where your children gather in the morning to eat a wholesome breakfast before they dash out the door to catch the bus.

It’s where your youngest will smear peanut butter all over the front of the cabinets as they try to help you make lunch. It’s where your whole family will gather for dinner, laughing and talking about the highlights of their day. Important food and memories will be made in that room.

If your kitchen is this important, and has such a great role in the structure of your family life, shouldn’t it be a room you enjoy spending a significant amount of time in?

Your kitchen is an investment

Think about all of the pictures of kitchens you see on the pages of the Pottery Barn catalog that you drool over every month. Think about the pristine, clean kitchens that appear in your Instagram feed as you scroll through every day.

kitchen countertopThink about the homes you’ve walked into and been instantly jealous of the architecture, beautiful appliances, and crisp colors of their kitchen. There’s a reason that people say a kitchen sells a home.

If your kitchen is dingy and outdated, you won’t love spending time there. You don’t want to have a single room in your home where you don’t enjoy being. This is why your kitchen is an investment.

Whether you want to completely remodel it, or just make a few updates to elevate it, know that the time and effort you’ll put into your kitchen are more than worth it.

Components of a beautiful kitchen

When you’re deciding how to craft the kitchen of your dreams, try to recall what you love about other kitchens that you’ve seen. You can always walk through the model sections of furniture and home improvement stores, like Ikea or Home Depot, for inspiration on how you want to remodel your kitchen.

Often, your kitchen just needs a few updates to completely be transformed. You’ll want to consider the walls, cabinetry, countertops, and appliances. Even changing just one of these simple things will elevate your kitchen dramatically.

If you do all four, you’ll be walking into a stunning brand new kitchen every morning that you find yourself being jealous of, until you remember that it’s yours.

Updating cabinetry

The first thing you’ll want to do is pick out a color palette for your kitchen. Are you wanting to have a warm toned kitchen, or is a cooler color the way to go for you?

Renovated designer kitchen.

If you’re wanting a warm vibe, the best thing to do for your cabinets is probably just to stain them. Stain them a dark chocolatey brown color, or maybe use a red tinted stain for a cherry wood look.

If you’re wanting a lighter look for your kitchen, painting all of your cabinets white is the perfect solution. It looks so clean and bright, and it will make the kitchen space look much larger. You can also consider adding or replacing hardware, such as knobs or handles, to the fronts of all your cabinets and drawers.

Paint the walls

The hardest part of painting your kitchen is probably that there are a lot of cabinets and appliances to paint around. There may not be a lot of surface area that you need to cover, but the time consuming part will be maneuvering around all of the objects that can’t be moved that are in the way.

When picking the color for your next kitchen, try to keep in mind that the darker color you choose, the smaller your kitchen will look. Warm colors tend to do well in a kitchen, such as a light mocha color, or a mint green.

However, cool toned colors can also look incredible, if paired with the color of the cabinets well, like a stone grey or a navy.

Replacing countertops

Chances are that you currently have some sort of vinyl countertops in your kitchen right now. Most homes have vinyl countertops because they’re inexpensive to install. However, they stain and damage easily, which isn’t what you want in a room that gets so much use!

A great alternative is to replace them with granite or marble. They’ll look 100x more elegant immediately, and granite is incredibly damage and heat resistant, meaning that you’ll spend less on repairs over the years.


Often the thing that will really make your kitchen look more put together is making sure that all of your appliances match. Whether they’re all white, black, or stainless steel, what really matters is that they’re all the same. It will bring your kitchen together and help make it look more organized.

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