Improve Your Productivity Starting with Your Home Office

| February 6, 2014


The home office and how you have it set up has a direct effect on your motivation and productive rate. If you hate the space and don’t like spending time in there you’re not going to do your best work. If clutter is covering your desk there’s no way you can be productive, your mind will be as cluttered as the space you’re in.  If you know you’re office is a mess or feel that it could be holding you back don’t panic, it can be sorted out with these awesome tips.

Work and Home Life Don’t Mix

It’s not a good idea to have your home office in part of your home where you relax or where other family members hang out. You need to work out where you can place your office in your home where you won’t be distracted (as much as possible). If possible pick a whole room, remove everything non work related and dedicated it to work. Don’t spend time in there when you’re not working and try not to take your work out of that room. When you finish for the day close the door and leave all work behind until you start work the next day.

You Need a Great Seat

You have to find the best seat that will give you excellent support. Sitting down to work at a computer can result in aches and pains and even repetitive strain injuries. Even the smallest discomfort can have an effect on your productivity to invest in a decent chair. Don’t buy the chair online unless you’ve been to a store to check it out first.  Many home workers go through several chairs before finding the right one and chairs aren’t cheap.

Invest in Great Lighting

Lighting must be carefully thought out as it can have a direct effect on your mood. Darker, dull spaces make you feel lethargic, tired and sometimes depressed. If the light is too bright and reflecting into your eyes you can end up with eye strain. You have to find the perfect position and invest in decent light bulbs that will brighten the space and your mood. Pick multiple lights rather than one overhead pendant. Have desk lights, floor lamps and position them so they don’t reflect on your computer screen.

Update Your Technology

If you work from home most of the time or have your own business you will benefit by keeping your technology up to date. If you have problems you’re productivity is instantly effective, work will be slower and you’ll feel frustrated rather than creative.

Personality and Inspiration

While it’s important to separate the office and your home you should still introduce things that will benefit you. Think about adding plants, posters on the walls, pick colours you like for the shades, rugs and wall colour too. You should think about branding your home office too if you run your own business, especially if you’ll be inviting clients, investors or employees into your space. You can find plenty of affordable Merchandise Solutions that will help to motivate you when you sit down to work.

The guest author is a freelance blogger, working from her own busy home seven days a week. Her work has been published on hundreds of blogs and websites.  She has used her experiences to help home workers find creativity, motivation and productivity when battling with the attraction of a sofa and daytime television.


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