Give Your House A New Lease Of Life using A Personal Loan

| November 17, 2016

personal loan for home improvementLooking to remodel your existing house for a long time now, but apprehensive about loan options and interest rates? Then this is for you.

A home is everybody’s comfort zone. Especially if you own yours. Either way, we get attached to the place we call home. As you grow old, the house grows old along with you. The very thought of seeing the flooring of the house give away is least flattering,

This is where you have to step in and initiate the the process of renovation of the house. If ignored, they are chances of the building deteriorating further, with the passing of time.

Nobody wants to witness the unpleasant sight of all the childhood memories fading away with the house. Lest we see our safety abode completely crumble before us.

Personal Loans for Home Improvement – NerdWallet

Aug 11, 2016 Lenders may market the use of a personal loan for home improvement, but the interest rate will depend on your credit score, credit history and …

Even if the building  is safe and intact, there is no harm in remodelling the old house according to your current preferences, is there?

After a few years every house is bound to lose its sheen and bound to look outdated. If your neighbours take the lead and remodel their existing households, then don’t you think it is your turn now?

Go ahead and give your home a new lease of life right away!

In What Way?

After you decide to go ahead with the idea of remodelling, the question that you’ll need to address next is regarding the options available to make the house more beautiful than before.

Here’s a few tips you can use to change the look of the place you live in:

  • Add a Swing porch in the Garden: Who doesn’t like to relax sipping on a cup of coffee swaying on swing in the garden? All of us do.
  • Teak Furniture: Bring in teak. Nothing adds more elegance to your interiors than this classy wood.
  • Table set in the kitchen: It’s way more convenient if the dining table built-in with the kitchen.
  • Own Library: The idea of seeing all the books you have collected over the years is exciting beyond words. Get the apt furniture and make it happen.
  • Hidden Storage: A bed which has hidden storage capacity is what you need to store things in much less messier way than before.


It is so difficult resist a complete remodel when you have so many ideas around. But if you’re wondering about financial aspect, you can stop worrying—Personal Loan dedicated just for home renovation.

personal loan for home improvementIt is designed to address the needs of customers seeking loans for the remodelling of their houses.


Now let us take a look at the benefits the Personal Loan has to offer, one by one:

  • Instant approval of loan: After applying on their website online, they take just 5 mins to see through your application and fill it.
  • Transfer of loan: The transfer of loan amount happens within 72 hours. This is fastest amongst all the NBFCs in India.
  • Online access of account: Online personal loan access and this helps to keep track of payments, interest certificates etc.
  • Maximum loan amount: Up to 25 lakhs

Eligibility Criteria

Available to all the salaried individuals drawing a salary of up to 35000 (net) per month.

Get A Personal Loan For Home Improvement |

Jan 22, 2016 There are 5 reasons why you should get a personal loan for home improvement instead of a home equity loan or line of credit.

Documents Required – Bank statements of last 3 months, salary slip of last 2 months, Employee ID Card, Identity proof, Address proof.

With such extensive information in your hands, think no more. Get ready to exploit the brilliantly designed Personal Loan for home improvement.

Apply for a Personal Loan today and start work on remodelling your house. In as little as a few months from now, you will have a plush and enviable place to live in.

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  1. Money Beagle says:

    With mortgage and home loans at such low rates, I would see no way possible that paying loans with rates of 8-18% would make sense. If you can only qualify for those loans, then you probably should just hold off on the improvements anyway.