Earning Money From Green Business

| January 5, 2014

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Tom Jones never grew grass, nor did he ever sell it but, made several million dollars from the green herbaceous plant: He sold 1.23 million copies of his song Green, Green Grass of Home. Can you do it? Yes, grow it in all its varieties and sell it! Even better is to establish a nursery that sports many varieties of flower plants and even edible plants.

Money Making Gardens

Grasses are used for many purposes. Lawns are everywhere. Homes, offices, factories, gold grounds all have lawns. Gardens are increasingly being grown even if people own a spare space on their terrace. Supplying grass to them all will be a busy business. Growing grasses, tending to them with care can fetch you a significant amount of money.

Grass for Cool Seasons

These grasses have an ideal climate to grow and proliferate in the Northern U.S…  Since it is almost always cool in these parts, the grasses manage to remain completely green around the year. They need to be watered copiously. Rain water may suffice in these parts but it should be supplemented by irrigation when required.

If it gets too hot, they may start withering and change colors which will make them lose their charm and more likely than not, lose you money too. Blue Grass is the most preferred grass. Not lagging far behind though are rye grass which grows all through the year, fine fescue and bent grass.

The lawns that display these grasses look rich with the narrow blades jostling for place with one another which makes them look like a green carpet spread over the ground. Bent grass is looks silky with its very fine texture. The tall fescue looks fresh everyday irrespective of how old it is.

Rye grass is tough by its very nature and can withhold onslaughts of constant stampeding.

Football, hockey and grass tennis courts usually sport this grass.

If you live in warmer places like in the South, there are hybrid varieties you can grow. There are other specialty varieties that are apt for other regions that experience extreme weather and for places at high elevations.

Grass for Warm Season

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These grasses tend to keep themselves to themselves and do not show any activity at all during winter. They just go to sleep until the weather gets warmer. The grasses of this kind include Bermuda, common and hybrid, zoysia, buffalo, centipede, St. Augustine and bahia. These grasses take to hot weather in a big way. Southern U.S. can be seen to have these grasses everywhere. You can also find them in the Southeast, Far West and Southwest. Great Plains states and Texas are where you will find buffalo grass.

Zoysia is the best bet against drought or drought-like weather conditions. It looks very attractive while it is busy growing. The drawback is that it goes dormant fast on any given year and also gets active late. St. Augustine is good for seaside areas for, it can tolerate the salty wind. It, however, looks shabby and untidy during winter.

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