Crystal Clear: 4 Reasons to Update Your Home’s Windows

| October 17, 2017

Homes WindowsPurchasing an older home can let you experience the charm of a past century for yourself, and it can show you how people lived several decades ago.

Whether you have purchased a home that is only 30 years old or you have invested in a century-old home, you will definitely want to consider updating your windows.

While you may be more interested in making changes that will affect the aesthetics of your home, such as floor layout, paint colors and bathroom fixtures, new windows really do have numerous benefits that make them well worth your time and money.

Your Home Will Be More Comfortable

Replacement windows are energy-efficient, meaning that they keep cold air out in the winter and keep cold air in during the summer. In fact, some newer windows can keep out the outside temperature with 50 percent more efficiency than older windows do.

Additionally, windows with UV protection will keep hot sun rays out of your home and will help to protect the colors and finishes of your furniture.

You Will Have Less Maintenance

Older windows often came with wooden trims that had to be painted every few years. This wood could eventually rot, causing gaps in windows. Today’s frames are usually made of vinyl or fiberglass, which do not have to be painted.

Today’s window hardware is made from stainless steel or zinc, which will hold up to the elements for years.

Your Budget Will Thank You

Homes WindowsWhile you may wince at the initial hit to your fledgling homeowner’s budget, you will eventually realize what a smart financial purchase new windows are.

New windows will give you immediate savings on heating and cooling, slashing your bills by up to 25 percent. In fact, many people feel that new windows are one of the best options to get a high return on your investment.

Your Home Will Look Better

Believe it or not, new windows can actually improve your curb appeal as well as your view of the outdoors. Many windows can look historically accurate for traditional homes and can have inserts placed.

Additionally, if your current windows are very old, the glass may be a bit wavy, giving a distorted view of the outdoors. New windows will provide that crystal clear view that you crave.

Consider working with a contractor like Gilkey Windows or someone similar to swap out your old home windows for new energy-efficient replacements that maintain the historical integrity of your older home.

This wonderful investment will eventually pay you back with savings in utility costs. After you live with them for your first year and discover all they do for you, you will be glad that you said “yes.”

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