Clearance! 3 Great Things to Shop for When the Temperature Drops

| October 5, 2017

When seasons come and go, savvy shoppers are able to find all sorts of deals on products that are now out of season. This is especially true with the arrival of autumn and the passing of summer. If you could use any of these items, be sure to shop for them when the temperature starts dropping.


Barbecues are the very image of backyard summer gatherings, and with most people not wanting to cook outside in cold weather, barbecues often go on clearance at the end of summer.

There are many different brands of barbecues that offer different features, and while your selection might be somewhat limited by what remains in stock, you are likely to find an option that will work for you and your family.

Make sure handles are far enough away from heat and that the barbecue you are looking at does not have any sharp edges. Stability is key—if knocking the barbecue over would be too easy, move on to other options.

Riding Lawn Mowers

As the weather begins to get cooler, most people don’t mow their lawn as often, if at all. Because of this, the demand for riding lawn mowers goes down significantly in the fall and it is a good time to buy leftover stock from the summer on sale.

There are different brands and types of riding mowers that are better for different terrains and lawn sizes, so it’s important to do your research before you buy.

For example, lawn tractors are better for smaller properties while garden tractors are better for more acreage. There are also zero-turn mowers, which are better for navigating obstacles. You can talk to a professional at a company like Cox Mowers if you aren’t sure what would work best for you.


Clearance racks in clothing stores across the country get full of warm weather clothes when autumn comes. Things like tank tops and sun dresses get put there as stores make room for the new fall fashions, like sweaters and jeans.

Early fall is a great time to shop for summer clothes. It can take some digging through the racks to find something you like that is also in your size, but there really are some amazing finds to be had.

Always check out the deals that might be available at the end of each given season. You never know what cool things you will find and at what deep discounts.

When summer comes to an end, go shopping for barbecues, riding lawn mowers, summer clothes and much more. You will get much better deals than you would at the heart of the season.

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