4 Simple Kitchen Makeover Ideas

| August 9, 2017

Kitchen Makeover Where in your house do you spend the most waking hours? Your kitchen is probably pretty high on that list, if not at the top. When you’re not at work, sleeping, or getting ready for the day (or for bed), you can probably be found in the kitchen cooking, eating a snack, or enjoying a cup of coffee while reading a book.

Kitchen Makeover

Since the kitchen is one of the most used rooms of the house, it would make sense that it would be at the top of your list when it comes to rooms you want to upgrade.

Painting and touchups

Sometimes, one of the best upgrades to your kitchen makeover is one of the easiest. Painting can seem like a daunting task, but it’s usually easier than trying to install new appliances or redoing the floors. A fresh coat of paint in a new, light color can absolutely transform your kitchen.

Even just touching up the smudges and chips (or the spots where your kids drew on the walls with a sharpie) with the existing color of paint can make you feel transformed.

Kitchen MakeoverThe walls aren’t the only thing that you can paint, though. Painting your cabinets will give your kitchen a facelift in the best kind of way. You can color coordinate your walls and cabinets to be complimentary, and give your kitchen a much more cohesive look.

Kitchen Makeover

If your stovetop is looking a little worn down, but you don’t want to buy an entirely new oven, you might consider some powder coating accents, as this article suggests. You can get your appliances powder coated in absolutely any color, and it holds up amazingly well under heat and wear.

Upgrade your countertops

Your countertops is another easy upgrade that will completely transform the entire look of your kitchen. It’s relatively low effort, since you can have someone come in and install new countertops for you for a lot less than a full kitchen remodel.

And having brand new granite or marble countertops really pays for itself. Not only are they stunning, but they’re incredibly durable and heat resistant. You can pull a hot casserole right out of the oven and set it on your countertops and not worry about inflicting damage to either the countertops or your pans.

Granite is one of the strongest materials on the earth, so the chances of you scratching it or marring the surface of your new countertops is extremely unlikely.

Add a fun backsplash

Kitchen MakeoverA backsplash is a practical, yet stunning, upgrade to your kitchen. It serves an important purpose. Your kitchen walls behind your sink and stovetop are very likely to become damaged by water and grease.

Those kinds of stains, particularly grease, are hard to touch up with paint. But by installing a backsplash, these stains become obsolete; there won’t be any stains to remove. You can easily wipe down the backsplash tile and remove any gross substance, and then there’s no damage to the walls of your kitchen. You have the option of installing actual backsplash tiles, or you can get a peel and stick backsplash instead.

This comes in sheets with adhesive backs, which is an inexpensive and easy alternative to a real backsplash. But don’t worry, it looks professional and just like the real thing, only much easier!

Add some artwork

One of the last things that will help you elevate your kitchen is some interesting artwork. Usually, the kitchen art is different from living room art, so you may not necessarily opt for pictures of your family or motivational quotes. Consider instead some watercolor prints of your favorite vegetables. A rustic cafe sign would also make a great addition to your kitchen.

A few well placed paintings and prints will really elevate your kitchen and make it look more put together. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, and it doesn’t have to be inexpensive. You can print something yourself, order something off of Etsy, or visit your local Hobby Lobby.

Simple things will really help tie everything together and give your kitchen a consistently attractive look. When choosing artwork for your kitchen, try to pick out pieces that have colors that compliment the rest of your kitchen.


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